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21 March 1987
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Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Marloes, I'm Dutch. I'm 22 years old but sometimes I feel like I'm still 18 (and sometimes I wish I was still 18). I have two groups/different types of friends, the populair/wild friends (of whom I'm the most well-behaved and with whom I feel like I'm the baby) and the nerdy/quiet friends (who see me as the social butterfly and daredevil, which I'm not ;)). I love all of them but I need to variate :) I don't have a best friend, I think this is the result of me moving various times in my life .. and because of that I had to leave a few very good friends behind. Also, I do not only need to variate with friends but I need variation in life!
I'm living together with my mom and my brother (who's 19 and a real pain in the ass). My parents have been divorced since the end of 2006. I myself am single since October 2008 (my last boyfriend broke up with me after 3,5 years), and after half a year of being single I can say I'm happy without a boyfriend.

I graduated (Media and Entertainment Management: bachelor of Economics) cum laude (I'm not smart I just remember some things quite well) in July of 2008 and now I have no idea what to do with the rest of my life. I decided to get my masters degree (communicationstudies) but after studying really hard for this test I fucked up the pre-master assessment. So, the decision making starts all over again.... I passed the test and now am an official master student media psychology. But I decided to quit after I have finished my pre-master year. In September of 2009 (after my six weeks at UCLA adventure) I will start with my master degree theaterstudies.

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